Clenord ManorManoir de Clénord

A romantic haven
right at the heart of the great Chateaux of the Loire

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Clenord Manor

Clenord Manor

Near Blois in the heart of the “Val de Loire”...

Nestled in luxuriant woodland, just a stone's throw away from the sumptuous Chateau de Chambord, there is a haven of otherworldly charm, full of peaceful elegance. Clenord Manor.

It is wonderful to stay there, or to return as one would to one’s family home, with a warm and reassuring welcome. One could dream of spending a few lazy days here away from it all, in strolling idly or visiting local chateaux, or even staying within its walls to put a seal on some of the most unforgettable moments of one’s life.

Digging into the past, the foundations of the first buildings here date back to 5 centuries ago. Right at this crossroads, just south of Blois, and in the centre of the fertile plain of the Sologne region, rich opportunist farmers built a large and prolific sharecropped estate at the end of the 15th century.

Later, during the High Renaissance, which brought light to shadowy earlier times, and saw the beginning of journeys between the various provinces of France Clenord “The Keys of the North”, was born in a site that was perfect as a place to stop between the North and the South. Stables were built for this staging post and the art of giving a warm welcome was cultivated The birth of a vocation, one might say.

Then came the revolution which fanned emotions and awakened these thoroughfares. Being where these paths crossed , Clenord became the theatre of epic and dramatic events, events which contributed to build a new world order.

With the return of tranquillity, these ancient walls were converted into a more comfortable bourgeois home. During the 20th century, the gardens and orchards were redesigned, and the manor found a soul again. For a while, it sheltered a finishing school where young ladies of good families from all over the world came to study the culture of our country and to become steeped in French civilised behaviour.

Nowadays, Clenord Manor preserves its vocation and knowledge of how to welcome, with its 5 B&B rooms and a further welcoming independent 8 bed roomed house, “Clenord Maison”.

With its indefinable charm, stemming from a long history, Clenord Manor will engrave an indelible memory in the heart of the traveller who spends some time here...

Clenord Manor

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